BodPod Body Composition Testing

Assessments are $50, you can schedule your bodpod assessment with Christine by email: Please bring cash to the appointment. 

If you can measure it...You can manage it. 

Most people join CrossFit to lose weight. What people really mean, is they join CrossFit to lose body fat. Or even further, people really join to lean out. Some also want to lose body fat and gain muscle. More often than not, Crossfitters lose fat and gain muscle but the bathroom scale never changes. The Bodpod can tell you how much fat you have lost and how much muscle you have gained. This will give you a true measure of your results....DITCH THE BATHROOM SCALE..check out this blog post on the bathroom scale.

The Bodpod is used by the NFL Combine, NBC's Biggest Loser, National Institutes of Health and many other research institutions to get accurate bodyfat results. 

The Process:



Before the Assessment:

  • Women: You must wear a snug swim suit and swim cap. If you do not have a swim cap, one will be provided. You may also wear a snug sports bra and compression shorts if you choose to.
  • Men: You must wear compression shorts or a speedo. No loose or baggy shorts. You must also wear a swim cap, if you do not have a swim cap, one will be provided
  • Underwear is NOT a substitute for approved clothing.
  • Don't eat or drink (except water) or use tobacco for at least two hours prior to the assessment.
  • If you take insulin and your fitness assessment is scheduled in the morning after a 12 hour fast, wait until after the fitness assessment to take your insulin. Take all other medications as usual. Bring all your medications with you to the assessment.
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activity 2 hours prior to the assessment.
  • All jewelry must be removed before the test. Small studs for piercings are acceptable.
  • The fitness professional that is administering your assessment will explain the assessment procedures to you in detail, including how to communicate during the assessment.

During the Assessment:

  • Two tests will be performed without you in the Bod Pod. During this time, you will be asked your age, height, and you will be weighed. You will then be asked to enter Bod Pod and sit comfortably.
  • You should limit your movement and breathe normally during the tests.
  • Three 40-50 second tests will be run while you are in the Bod Pod. During this time you may feel some air pressure changes, and you may hear some buzzing and popping. These sounds and pressure changes are normal.
  • Your tester will open and close the door between each test to equalize the chamber pressure.
  • You will be instructed about how to exit the Bod Pod in the case of an emergency.
  • You will be monitored closely during the assessment. The fitness professional will ask: "How are you doing?" But, don't wait for him/her to ask how you feel if you are feeling badly in any way. Let the fitness professional know immediately if you are having problems. 

Test Results: