Why Nutrition?

CrossFit Forest has teamed up with Whole9, specialists in the field of nutrition and a respected authority in the health and fitness community, to provide our members with a comprehensive nutritional program designed to make you the healthiest you’ve ever been. Why are we focusing so much on what you eat? Because we believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program, and the gateway to optimal health.

Eat Real Food.

Our belief is that a good nutritional program should be centered around eating real food. We know that fad diets, crash diets, miracle pills and “meal replacements” are not part of a balanced, sustainable path towards improved health and fitness. Instead, we encourage you to eat high quality meat, seafood and eggs, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats – it’s that simple.

Benefits of eating real food include:

  • a healthy metabolism
  • improved digestion
  • stronger immune system
  • calm systemic inflammation

The Whole9 Nutrition Program

We encourage you to implement good nutritional habits from your very first day with us. Once you enroll, we will provide you with a comprehensive printed handbook to walk you through Whole9’s nutrition program, free of charge. Your handbook includes all the tools you’ll need to succeed, including:

• An overview, “Nutrition in 60 Seconds”

• A detailed Shopping Guide, including helpful hints for making high quality food choices

• The Whole9 meal planning template, outlining portion sizes, meal frequency and pre- and post-workout nutrition

• Delicious, Whole30-approved recipes that follow our meal planning template, and a 7-day meal plan

• A number of helpful resources – additional recipe sites, references, books and movies

• The Whole30, Whole9’s original program designed to “change your life in 30 days”

• The Whole30 FAQ, to help guide you through your 30 day program


For more information about our health and fitness programs, contact us directly.  For more information about Whole9, their nutritional recommendations and their Whole30 program, visit their site at http://whole9life.com

Crossfit Forest 2-Hour Nutrition Seminar

Seminars are typically held the last Tuesday of every month. Please contact Trisha at trisha@crossfitforest.com for more information and to confirm the next scheduled seminar. FREE FOR MEMBERS.  

Trisha LeCompte, who is a long time member of CrossFit Forest, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  In addition to leading the Whole30 nutrition seminars, Trisha has also worked with many athletes to create a personalized macro nutrition program to help them improve performance in the gym and focus on increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.  

For more information on Trisha's Health Coaching programs, please contact her at trisha@crossfitforest.com or visit her Facebook Page at  facebook.com/CoachTrishaL/

Individualized Nutrition Programs

Trisha LeCompte
Performance Focused Macro Program

As a Certified Eat To Perform Coach, I can provide you with an individualized macro nutrition program that can help you enhance your athletic performance, lose fat and increase muscle mass.
Navigating the world of macro nutrition on your own can be downright time consuming and confusing.  Let me help you build a nutrition program that will help you lose fat and improve your workouts.  I will provide you with meal templates that will meet your dietary needs or restrictions, tracking tools and one-on-one coaching to keep you motivated and accountable.
Contact me at trisha@crossfitforest.com if you would like to learn more about my program and how I can help you lose that stubborn body fat and learn how to eat to improve your athletic performance.  

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