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Barbell and Oly Club New Cycle


Starts: Monday Feb 24th
Ends: April 12th
Who: Anyone looking to get stronger and/or more proficient at lifting
Cost: Free for Unlimited members. 
Time: 6pm is coached. 5am and 6am require coach permission. 
Barbell Club: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Oly Club: Tues and Saturday

Our Barbell and Olympic Lifting Clubs are designed to be done independently or together depending on your goals. An athlete may also be inclined to do CrossFit in addition to the Barbell and Oly club. It really comes down to your strength, weaknesses and desires as an athlete. The 5 and 6 am "Train with the Trainers" class is setup so you could join the CrossFit class for the workout when you are done with your respective bb or oly work, but not mandatory to do so. Ask a coach for permission to join the 5 or 6am class. We do offer a coached Barbell or Olympic lifting Club class at 6pm.