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Forest Living Challenge

Not the paleo challenge, not the ancestral living challenge....Get ready for the Team Forest Living Challenge!!!! team up with 2 friends to make a team of 3 and let's do this! You can sign up to be assigned to a team as well or to let people know you are available for a team. Sign up herepay here

2 chances to win: 

The team with the most points wins

The team with the best body comp % improvement wins (original - new)/original = percent improvement

Fee to enter is $50 per person and includes 2 bod pod tests. 

Prize - there will be cash prizes, it depends on how many participate. $20 from everyone will go into the pot, the other $30 goes to repaying the bodpod machine. 

There will be extra credit points available. You will be required to log your points every day. 


Point System:

1 point for eating 100% whole30 per day. link is here, also available in spanish (see link).

1 point for working out, must be done at CrossFit Forest or at another CrossFit gym, max 5 points per week

1 extra credit point per week for taking a team photo and posting on facebook

1 extra credit point per day for "hell week", which is the 3rd week in. For eating super clean paleo all day. No fruit, no nuts. Meat, veggies, eggs, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil, herbs and spices ok. Tomatoes are ok too.

1 extra credit point if all team members do the Mission Competition

Couple FAQ's:

Bacon must be nitrate free and sugar free, i have yet to find it locally and the place online is always out of stock, so basically, no bacon

No protein shakes (protein shakes besides generally being dairy, cause an insulin spike, which is a hormonal disruption)

Larabars are whole30 approved, but not during hell week.

No Heavy Whipping Cream.

Coconut Milk out of a can, where the only ingredient is Coconut milk, no xanthum gum etc.

While you should avoid vegetable oils when possible, this is likely impossible when eating out, so vegetable oils are compliant. This also opens the door for Sweet Potato fries, which we are saying are compliant.

BodPod test sign up

We have times available Saturday March 29th, Sunday March 30th, Monday at noon or 7pm. Skye also has made herself available for a couple women only time slots.

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