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Mobility Hour with Andrew

Tuesday May 20th, 7pm

Free for Members

When do I stretch? When should I mobilize? What does mobilizing mean? When should I roll out? What do I do if it feels tight when go overhead? If you have any of these questions come to the mobility class Tuesday night at 7pm with Andrew Saldivar, long time CFF athlete and soon to be physical therapist graduating from Chapman University. We will go over any questions that people have about mobility and in the mean time mobilize those common tight spots. We will be getting after our calves, posterior hips (glutes), and lateral seam (axilla/ lats/ posterior shoulder). 

Consider getting your workout on at 6 and then joining him for the Mobility hour at 7. This is open and free for all CrossFit Forest members (including Training Campers). 

Hope to see you there!