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Strongman Competition - Gauntlet II - September 6th

CrossFit Forest will be hosting the Legendary Competitor Strongman Competition - Gauntlet II. 

When: Sometime in September
Cost: $55

About Event
The Strongman Gauntlet Series is an event where all skill levels can compete in a combination of both functional and strongman movements. There are divisions ranging from beginner to advanced. The weights and movements are scaled to accommodate all levels of athletes.
Division 1 - Highest skill and fitness level. Has the ability to move bodyweight or more efficiently.
Division 2 - Middle of the road fitness level. An experienced athlete that may have to scale some workouts either because of the weight or high level skill (i.e. muscle ups, handstand pushups)
Division 3 - Entry level to competition but still is competent in the range of motion required on all movements. May need to scale weight or movements. 


Here is a list of movements you can expect to see in the workouts at the Strongman Gauntlet Series #2. These movements are posted as a courtesy to help you prepare. Do not limit your training to only these movements. They may be changed at any time. Be sure to check our site regularly for updates.

Movement List

Bench press

Power pulls (on the rower)

Axel cleans

Axel thrusters

Crucifix hold

Sandbag get ups

Overhead yoke carry

Movement Standards

Bench press

  • Bar will start in the rack
  • Athlete will remove the bar from the rack w/o assistance.
  • Athlete will lower the Bar until it touches the chest then Press out to locked out position
  • Athlete’s arms must be completely locked out and come to a complete stop before racking.

 Power Pulls (on the rower) 

  • Athlete will row as hard as possible each pull on the rower at or under a specific time split will count as 1rep

Axel Clean

  • Axel bar moves from Ground to Shoulder anyway possible
  • Finish position is elbows in front of bar
  • Athlete in standing position open hips with control of the bar
  • Continental clean is acceptable    

Axel Thruster

  • Axel Bar starts from the ground
  • Athlete may Squat clean 1st rep
  • Athlete must achieve a below parallel squat
  • Rise explosively out if the squat while pressing the weight overhead finish with the weight controlled and in locked out position
  • The squat and press must be in one motion. A squat with a pause and press will be a no rep. If you drop underneath the bar during the press it will be a no rep.

Crucifix hold

  • weighted objects are held with outstretched arms and elbows locked out
  • Athlete fails after the object  drops below athletes shoulders or elbows bend

Sandbag get ups

  • Sandbag can be held in front of athlete or on shoulders or behind neck
  • Beginning at standing position the athlete will drop to one knee then the other
  • Then athlete must return to a standing position with hips open, knees locked out and feet on the same line without setting the sandbag down.  
  • the rep is complete when the athlete is fully in the upright position

Overhead yoke carry

  • Yoke is set to a height that allows 6-8” of clearance between the floor and skids (feet of the yoke)
  • the athlete with outstretched arms overhead will stand and walk designated distance 
This is a list to help you prepare only.

(movement list and standards can be modified at any time)

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