Post by Kara Zummo

I’m going to attempt to write this without getting too science crazy on you all.  I have had a couple of you ask me questions about fruit lately.  And, I’m guessing many of you don’t know that you have questions about fruit, but you probably do.  In effort to address these questions, I will just share my journey with fruit with you.  

Here goes:  When I first started on the road to a paleo lifestyle, I was able to give up my toast every morning because I could replace it with a huge bowl of cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries.  In fact, I think I looked forward to the bowl of fruit more than my omelet in the morning.   However, as many of you know, throughout the month of May, I spent 30 days eating completely clean.  I gave up my beloved Diet Dr Pepper as well as my nightly glass of wine, in the name of science.  I wanted to see if those things made any difference to my performance or to general body composition.  About half way through my month I started to gain weight.  Not a lot, but a pound or two and it just didn’t make any sense to me.  I knew that the paleo science geeks had their theories on how eating too much fruit was not a good idea if you were trying to work on leaning out and your overall body composition.  So, I decided that maybe I needed to give up fruit for a couple of days as well to see if it made any difference.  I begrudgingly ate an untasty bowl of broccoli that morning instead of my super yummy bowl of fruit.  That’s when I discovered from first hand knowledge what effect eating fruit has on the body.  I could not believe it when 9:00 am rolled around and I wasn’t hungry.  In fact, 10:00 am came and went and I was still not hungry.  Finally at 11:30 I figured I should eat lunch even if I wasn’t hungry yet.  This was completely out of the norm for me.  For as long as I can remember I spent every morning waiting until 9:30 when I thought it was appropriate to eat my mid-morning snack.  Usually around 9:00am I started to get really hungry.

Since I didn’t get hungry on my first morning, I begrudgingly made myself a not so yummy bowl of broccoli the next morning.  Low and behold…I was not hungry the next day.  It was then that I gave up my morning bowl of fruit altogether.  Amazingly, I seem to be able to go for hours without feeling the sensation of hunger.

Without getting into the crazy science side of it, my point is that while fruit is amazingly tasty (especially when you’ve already given up so much of the fabulous foods that you’ve grown up eating), it really does have an effect on your hunger, your insulin levels and the whole leaning out process in general.  So if you all are not seeing all the results you are looking for yet, take a look at what you are eating.  If you are eating a large amount of fruit, try replacing the fruit with vegetables instead for a couple of days.  I guarantee you will see a difference.

For those of you that want to know the exact science behind this, you can check out and see what a real scientist has to say about fruit in a paleo diet.