Iron Chef Zummo

"When many people think about broccoli they think about the disgusting smell of steamed broccoli and get instant flashbacks to childhood when they were not allowed to leave the table until they ate their broccoli.  For those same people the thought of broccoli before 9:00 AM is even more unbearable.  I used to be one of those people. I despised broccoli until a couple years ago and as I became more creative in the kitchen, I discovered ways to eat it before 12:00 PM.  Broccoli is far from the be all and end all of vegetables, but it is a great source of micro nutrients, and because of its composition it will keep you from feeling hungry for hours.  Here's a video of how I like to cook broccoli in the morning whenever I have the time.  as you will also see in the video I just started using a Cast Iron skillet, what a great way to cook.  If anyone out there has Iron Skillet ideas please feel free to share them.  Bon Apetite!"