Crock-Pot Roast

Hey Folks, I haven’t written or made a video in a while so I decided post New Years it was time.  I had a lot of fun with the last Paleo challenge group and look forward to working with the new group (even though I couldn’t make it to the first session).  One of the things I find essential to consistently eating Paleo is always having some ready made protein in the refrigerator.  As Pete recently mentioned, we split a grass fed cow.  I enjoy having the whole cow vice just ordering some premium cuts.  It has forced me to learn new cooking methods and try some new things.  When you buy a half cow you get between 100-150 pounds of different roasts.  I had only rarely used the crock pot prior to getting the cow and I can’t say I was real successful when I tried using it.  I would follow the recipe to the “T”, let it cook for 4-5 hours, but the meat was often dry.  I thought I was overcooking it, but as I furthered my crock pot education, I discovered even though the meat may have been cooked at 5 hours, you need to let it go for about 8 hours to make it super moist and falling apart.  If you need to use a knife on any type of roast, you haven’t cooked it long enough.  So how does all this tie together?   The roasts have become my primary protein source throughout the week.  With 5-10 minutes of prep time before I go to bed, I can have 4 pounds of fresh meat waiting for me in the morning.  As you can see in this video, I don’t follow any recipes; I just throw in whatever is available.  Roasts are cheap, easy, and a great protein source.  Some may argue that they are fatty.  The evidence is becoming overwhelming that Saturated fat does not cause heart disease , so Don’t fear the Fat!  Keep working hard in the gym and use good nutrition to ensure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Video in higher resolution .mov