Want to learn more about nutrition and which program is right for you?

Once every two months, typically on the last Tuesday of the Month, we hold a free nutrition seminar for our members and family.   During this two-hour seminar, we discuss the Whole30 program, Performance Macros and the Ketogenic diet.  Whether your goal is to simply learn how to make better food choices, lose fat and build muscle; or, you're a seasoned athlete who wants to make some serious changes to your body composition, we can help you get there.

Email trisha@crossfitforest.com about the next seminar.


Whole 30

Whole30 is a 30-day program that helps you to understand how certain foods and food groups impact your overall health.  During the 30 days, you will concentrate on eating only whole, non-processed foods and removing foods that tend to be problematic for so many people.


Ketogenic Diet

This program is designed to help switch our bodies over to fat-burning machines versus burning glucose (carbohydrates) for fuel.  It is a very low carbohydrate diet that concentrates on taking in healthy fats and proteins.  This can be an excellent program for fat loss and restoring hormonal balance. 


Performance Macros

This program is designed to help athletes perform better in the gym.  The goal with a performance based macro program is to build lean muscle mass and lose fat by taking in targeted amounts or protein, fat and carbohydrates every day.   


Trisha LeCompte

As a Certified Health Coach, I work with clients to create individualized nutrition programs that are specific to your goals and lifestyle.  

Navigating the world of nutrition on your own can be downright time consuming and confusing.  Let me help you build a nutrition program that will help you lose fat and improve your workouts.  I will provide you with meal templates that will meet your dietary needs or restrictions, tracking tools and one-on-one coaching to keep you motivated and accountable.

If you'd like to learn more about my 90-day program, please e-mail me at trisha@crossfitforest.com to schedule a free consultation.

You can also visit her Facebook page at facebook.com/CoachTrishaL/

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