Work Hard, Take Initiative & Have a Positive Attitude

In a former life as a Regional Sales Manager, I came up with 3 values that I expected out of everyone on my team. I expected everyone to work hard, take initiative and have a positive attitude. Anyone can get at lease 1 of these, most can get 2 of these but it takes someone special to have all 3 of these traits. The people that posses 3 out of 3 in any organization are the 20% of the organization doing 80% of the work. These are the people that are hard to replace and must be valued. Let's look these values for a moment as if you had 2 of 3. 

If you work hard and take initiative but lack a positive attitude, you're not going to inspire others to help, so ultimately the thing you took initiative on won't come to fruition.

If you take initiative and have a positive attitude, but lack a work ethic there will be no follow through. 

If you work hard and have a positive attitude but never take initiative, there is never anything new. 

What I like about these 3 values is they are things everyone has control over. They don't require degrees, certifications or a high IQ.  They simply require you to care and execute. I imagine the work hard and positive attitude values go without saying. What I like about someone that shows me initiative is that they care, they are taking responsibility for something they see could be done or done better. 

This week as I was crafting this post it occurred to me that these 3 values also apply to any role or responsibility. As a husband, I might be working hard to provide for our family, working hard to clean the dishes or do the laundry, I might even be doing it with a smile on my face (positive attitude) but if I don't take initiative I'm doomed. Some examples of taking initiative started to open up for me. Normally Sandy arranges our dates with where to go, reservations and the baby sitter. So yesterday, I took care of all those things. I'll bet she appreciated it and would like to see more where that came from. You can apply the same thought process to your siblings, friends, co-workers, and your parents.

I think it's possible to apply this to any area you want to be successful in. Maybe you can apply this model to your nutrition. Work hard by meal prepping. Take initiative by trying new recipes or even different veggies or meats (I just found out they have ground ostrich at sprouts). Maybe you can get a two for one and take initiative by cooking for your partner. Maybe your lack of success with nutrition isn't the working hard or taking initiative maybe it's you lack the positive attitude. Check in on that voice that pops into your head when your eating broccoli cooked the same way and you are struggling to consume one more floret. Have you forgotten about chicken curry where you could throw an entire bag of broccoli in there and broccoli becomes amazing again? 

I will leave you with this, pick just one area this week where you would like to see improvement and check out if you are following through on all 3 ways to be successful at it. 

See you in the gym,