"I'll Be Dead Soon"

Ever since I watched Steve Jobs's speech to Stanford graduates about death, it has guided all of my tough decisions, both in business and in life. On our car ride home from Christmas with my family, Sandy and I brainstormed ideas of the values we wanted to instill into our children. One of them, the most important one, is for them to live boldly. Because, as Steve Jobs says, "we are already naked." 

My New Year's resolution for 2016 is to be inspiring. As most folks know about goals and resolutions, the most important aspect of a goal is that they need to measurable and time specific. To that end, I will start with committing to posting my thoughts once a week for the next year. I am also launching the workshop series "Living Outside the Box," which starts January 17th. This series will meet on Sunday's at 1 for about an hour for 6-8 weeks. We will be using The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for guidance and structure. We will also use the Gallup program Strength's Finder 2.0 to identify areas we are strong in to guide decisions about how best to spend our time. Just Let me know if you want more details. 

Here is the Steve Jobs speech if you haven't seen it, he starts about 7:31 in, the part about "I'll Be Dead Soon" starts at 16:25