There are many CrossFit Affiliates (11,000+) and each has things that make them special. Here is what makes CrossFit Forest so darn special:

It's the people in our gym, making up our Forest Family, that makes us truly special. We all motivate and support each other day in an day out, inside and outside of the gym. 

All CrossFit Forest memberships include:

6 Full Time Coaches and 1 Part Time Coach

  • Over 10,000 hours of combined coaching
  • Over 30 combined certifications - Oly lifting, Power lifting, Gymnastics, Football, Endurance, Kids, Level 2, Strongman, NASM etc. 
  • Highly educated - 1 Ph. D. (candidate), 1 Master's, 3 Bachelor's degrees
  • 2 CrossFit Regional Athletes
  • 1 Professional Grid Athlete
  • Multiple coaches on the floor, often times 4 or more coaches assisting classes at once

13,000 square feet of Gym Space

  • 50+ Rogue barbells (including plenty of ladies’ skinny bars)
  • High-end competition weights and over 2 tons of weight
  • 20 rowers
  • Five GHD machines
  • Reverse hyper machine
  • Aerodyne bike
  • Over 200 feet of pull-up rig
  • Members may freely work on skills anytime there is a class on the side
  • Amazing trail to run on right off our entrance
  • 18 squat racks
  • Tons of kettle-bells and dumbbells of all sizes
  • 18 sets of rings
  • 16 rope climbs
  • 4 wooden olympic lifting platforms with competition style weights
  • Bodpod - body fat testing chamber
  • 2500 square feet of turf
  • Five prowler sleds, eight sandbags and whole lot more...

Comprehensive Program Offerings

  • Training Camp - New Folks, intro program, free for members
  • CrossFit - 4 Levels offered each class - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional, free for members
  • Sport of Fitness - for those aspiring to compete at the highest level, free for members
  • 3 Barbell Club Programs, free for members
    • Starting Strength - Beginner
    • Strength bias - Intermediate
    • Strength Maintenance - Professional
  • The Forest Games - 3x/year in house competition
  • Forest Fiestas - Summertime weekly workout and fieasta
  • Technique Time - weekly class dedicated to technique only, free for members
  • Skill and Grill - Monthly class dedicated to skill development with bbq and happy hour following, free for members
  • Mobility Hour - Bi Monthly Mobility class by our in house Chiropractor, Sports Rehab Dr. Jason, free for members
  • In house Chiropractic office with special member rates
  • In house Massage Therapist with special member rates
  • Monthly Nutrition Seminars with a free 100 page nutrition guide with recipes, free for members
  • CrossFit Forest Kids - $79/kid
  • Skin in the Game - 4 week custom skill work, $50 buy in, returned to you if you complete the work
  • Childcare - $3/kid/hour 6 and under
  • Beyondthewhiteboard - sophisticated logbook with phone app, free for members. 
  • Forest Foxes - women's only CrossFit Forest group that gets together outside of the gym. 
  • Yoga - $49 unlimited monthly membership to our sister company next door Baker Ranch Yoga, members only. 

Robust Schedule

Testimonials - Don't forget to checkout what the members have to say about us.