Tabitha Zinn


In the throws of life, that is mother of 3, wife, employee and student working toward a BA, my needs and health took a back-seat to other responsibilities.  I always considered myself to be a "fit" person.  In fact, for years my email was "Luvn2run."  I maintained an athletic build throughout high school, most of college, and the majority of my marriage.  However, just a little over a year ago, due to stress, multiple pregnancies, an exhausting schedule, and physical inactivity, I found myself weighing in at 176 lbs.  Now I'm only 5'5", so the weight didn't evenly distribute itself in a complimentary manner.  I joke now, but the truth; what goes on behind close doors; my heart was broken over my body's transformation and my self esteem had never been lower.  To give you an inside view, I cried nearly every morning, because I couldn't fit into another top, or favorite pair of jeans, or just by examining myself naked in front of the mirror.  Imagine trying to go about your day and all of its responsibilities, when your first thoughts are shame over what you've become.  

Don't misunderstand, amidst that wrong, there was a lot of right in my life.  My husband and children loved me dearly,I was employed and contributing to the family, and I was a stones throw away from receiving my degree in history from Cal State Fullerton.  The fact of the matter was this; my body had become that drop of ink that turned the entire pool black, a fog that obscured everything else.  

To get back on track I joined a commercial gym with my husband; I even paid extra for personal training.  In spite of all my efforts, working out 5 to 6 days a week, I was still gaining weight!  At this point, my marriage was at the top of my mind.  My husband always joked that he fell in love with my heart, but married me for my ass.  I was terrified over what had become of the parts of my body I could see, I could only imagine the demise of my posterior.  Yet, it was he how first heard the rumors about CrossFit from friends back home.  

Shortly after, curiosity took over and he got online, and then picked up a phone.  Pete Jones answered my husband's call and we met with him the following evening.  I was desperate for change and joined the "Forest Family" almost immediately following that first meeting.  The intensity of the workouts, warmth of the training staff, and friends I made in short time, turned CrossFit into the perfect solution to my fitness dilemma.  In six months I lost 48 pounds.  

The greatest compliments I received came from those who haven't seen me for a year; and I loved running into old acquaintances.  Physically, I'm in better shape than I was as a cross-country runner in high school.  My husband can't keep his hands off me and my kids brag about their "strong" mother.  I believe that struggle yields strength, and in CrossFit, the workouts never get easier, but because of CrossFit you get stronger and take them in stride.  Thank you to Pete and the CrossFit Forest team, because of them, I smile now when I look in the mirror.


P.S. My husband smiles when he looks at me!


Tabitha R Zinn