Christine Clary


Well it has now been a year since CrossFit Forest came into my life, and completely changed it! A year ago I was struggling to get into shape. I was running everyday and still gaining weight. Then Ryan made me promise to try crossfit and stick to it for four weeks. The first photo is about four months before I started. I have gone from a size 10/12 to a 6 and sometimes on a good day size 4. I am doing things I never thought I would, like climbing a rope 15 feet, pull ups, push ups and lifting 115 lbs over my head. I feel strong and much more confident than I ever have in my life! A massive thank you to Pete Jones, Martin Pedreira, Skye Pratt Epperson, Sandy Jones, Heath Babb, Matt Zumo and Dale Prouty! I cannot thank you guys enough for all of your coaching and encouragement! Also, I am super thankful for all of the great friends I have made. All of you make the workouts and get-togethers fun! Most of all thank you Ryan Claryfor making me try it.