Andy Engel


I've been going to CrossFit Forest since April 2013. When I originally started I knew nothing about CrossFit. I had grown tired with traditional gyms and felling unmotivated in my fitness decided to drop in to CrossFit Forest and see what it was all about. Pete invited my wife and I to attend a intro to CrossFit and nutrition class. After seeing the quality of training and knowledge of the staff we decided to give CrossFit Forest a try. 

When I started my weight had ballooned to 235lbs, I am 5'8". After my second month, my weight had dropped to 193lbs. 42lbs lost and I dropped from 38" waist down to 32". A dramatic change it a short time, I was hooked. The quality of the training and the great community of coaches and members has pushed me to do and try things I thought I wasn't capable of doing. 
The coaches, Pete, Martin, Skye, Kevin, David, Ryan are all certified to adjust the workouts to any level of athlete, from beginner to elite. Classes are broken into various levels and scaling options, you will be challenged and you will progress. Everyone is very encouraging and you really feel motivated and fully vested. 

Since joining CrossFit forest I now find it hard to skip workout days and when traveling the country, I frequently drop in to other "CrossFit boxes" for a workout. I have yet to see a box that measures up to the quality of my home box CrossFit forest. It is a model training facility with the latest equipment. More importantly, the people make the difference here. I've made many friends, both my wife and I have improved our health 100%, and I even competed in my first local completion. If your looking to improve your health and make an investment in yourself, please drop in and give it a try.