Traci White

Traci before and after.png

Traci White Turns 51 Today, March 4th, 2014. I vividly remember her coming in 2 years ago. There was something about her that said, "I am changing my life and it is starting right now." I saw it in her eyes. Well, 2 years later and she is one of our proud success stories. Congratulations! You are such and inspiration to the gym, more than you realize! - Pete

Crossfit at 51

I showed up at CFF at 49 years old and my goal was to be fit by 50. My first WOD is one I will never forget...  I could not run 200M without stopping!  It was anoon training camp class and I was the only person that showed... Pete was the coach.  Lucky Me!  Well, 2 years later, 60+ pounds lighter, and many, many sizes smaller, I am HOOKED!  I have drank the Crossfit Kool-Aide!  I could not have done this without every person and every coach at CFF.  Everyone of you inspires me to "Do More"!  The hardest thing I ever did was walk thru that door at CFF the first time.  Now you can't keep me out!  Two years later at 51 years old I am in the BEST shape of my life and the healthiest I have ever been!  I have dialed in my "Diet" with the help of Pete and the "Whole 30" to establish healthy eating habits.  

51 is the new 41 for me!  Crossfit Forest has forever changed my life.  I will keep "Showing up" and I will strive to "Do More"!

Thanks Pete for everything!