Kelsi Gordon

I joined Crossfit in April of 2015, three months after I gave birth to my first child.  I was excited to do new workouts and lose the rest of my baby weight. Thanks to Pete’s nutrition seminar and the whole30 challenge, I learned the benefits of eating real food and the negative impact of eating processed food. Within a handful of months, I looked good and felt confident with my post-partum body.

I discovered that I am a strong person, and I enjoy workouts with a heavy barbell.   My greatest accomplishment in Crossfit is getting my first pull-up because I never imagined that I could do gymnastics movements. I attribute my success to the enthusiastic coaches and supportive community. I am continually inspired by beginners and veterans who work hard to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Most recently, I got pregnant with my second child and continued to do Crossfit until 39 weeks. I did not have any swelling or back pain like my previous pregnancy, and I had a quick and easy delivery. The coaches helped me modify the workouts to keep me safe each trimester. I am grateful that Crossfit wods can be scaled to fit each individual’s abilities. I look forward to continuing Crossfit for many years and working toward new goals. I hope to keep transforming, and I hope to get mentally and physically stronger each day.