Marti Rogna


If I had 1 word to describe Crossfit, it would be “Awesome”.

I started Crossfit 1 week before my 65th birthday.  I have just completed my 1st year and the results have been incredible.  I am 13 pounds lighter with 7% less body fat.  At 5’1”, I was ecstatic with the results.  Like many people my age, I have battled the slow and steady weight gain and the struggle to lose just a few pounds.  I have always exercise, thinking that it would help me in my struggle to maintain a healthy weight, but as I grew older nothing seemed to work.  I found Crossfit by accident and took advantage of 2 free classes.  It was love at 1st class.  I cannot say enough good things about the people in my 7 am class and the coaches…they are the reason I keep coming back.  Their inspiration and encouragement are above and beyond any I have experienced.   I wish I would have discovered Crossfit sooner.

Awesome workouts, awesome people & double awesome coaches!!