Paleo Challenge anyone??

Zummo, Sandy and I are competing in a little paleo challenge from now until Dec 24th at 12:01am. Let me know if you are interested. The rules are simple. Everyone starts with 1 point for the day. You lose partial points for the following.

.15 for Alcoholic Dring
.15 for small snack cheat
.25 for cheat entree

So if you had a cheat evening you would go .15 for appetizer, .25 for meal, .15 for dessert and .15 per beer = .70 lost so your total for the day is .3. I have a google shared doc for each to record their points for the day.

The person with the most points wins and the winner will get a free CrossFit MV T-Shirt and bragging rights. Let me know if interested and I will send a list of approved Paleo foods.