4 rounds for time of:
9 Back Squats 75/45 lbs
9 Front Squats 75/45 lbs
9 Overhead Squats 75/45 lbs
9 Shoulder Presses 75/45 lbs
9 Push Presses 75/45 lbs
9 Push Jerks 75/45 lbs
9 Deadlifts 75/45 lbs
9 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls 75/45 lbs
9 Squat Cleans 75/45 lbs Post total time.

For those interested this was borrowed from CrossFit Sparta. Here are their results, they called it Satan's 9, which I felt was a little overboard. Although ask the morning crew what this should be called. They may agree with CrossFit Sparta.

Take a look at Yasmine's pretty setup on the Deadlift.