2 weeks of Benchmarks! Nutrition

CrossFit Forest Athletes!

Benchmarks -
You have been putting in some great workouts and it's time to see if there has been progress. The next two weeks we will be doing Benchmark WODs. We'll check back in on these in a few months. There are a few of you that want to make a run at the CrossFit Games, so I will be adding additional workouts for preperation. Notice the scheduled endurance wods on the left have been updated.

Monday we start with CrossFit Forest Baseline Ladder.
Tuesday will be Crossfit Total. Games competitors - Add'l wod - 21-15-9 of Power Cleans 155, Double Unders
Wednesday - Fight Gone Bad baby!!
Thursday - "Nicole"
Friday - Rest, Make-Up or Skill Day.
Saturday - Bear Complex

This is going to be a grinder of a week. Be sure you hone your nutrition for optimal recovery and performance.

speaking of nutrition...

Nutrition -
Ok Folks, February is a great month to consider the following due to it being the shortest month of the year.

1. Zero Booze - If you find yourself drinking on a regular basis, not that you are an alcoholic, but have a couple beers, cocktails, wine a number of nights a week, I highly recommend taking a month to sort of reset your systems response to alcohol. "But what about the superbowl weekend??" Please, going 1 superbowl without drinking won't kill you. But what about Valentine's Day? Again, it won't kill you to take V-Day off. Every month of the year there will always be a reason why you need to have fun at a social function and drink. Just give it a shot. You may find that you sleep better, don't get sick, function throughout the day, recover faster and perform better at workouts. You may even lose a little weight.

2. While you're at it for Zero Booze, you might as well go for eating cleanly for 1 month. You will notice some new faces in the gym and you may over hear them speaking about blocks of food they are eating. No they aren't eating pieces of wood or dried out chunks of food. They are referring to the Zone Diet. I realized that I did many of you a deservice by not guiding you through the process of knowing what the Zone is all about. I'm personally not a fan for long term way of life on the Zone. But I do believe in resetting your perspective every once in a while. The Zone Diet is eye opening for a number of reasons, notably realizing what portion sizes of foods your body needs to thrive. The new folks, that want to earn their 3rd month free, are required to go 7 straight days, at some point during their first 2 months, of weighing and measuring their food. They aren't being forced to eat any type of food, nor am i forcing their portions. What I am asking them to do is just weigh, measure and document. For the super motivated individual there is the holy grail of eating cleanly and that is eating in "The Zone" and with Paleolithic Foods. I promise, if you go Zone Paleo for 1 month, you will lean out faster than any other time in your life. You will be shocked and awed by what happens. It isn't easy at first. It takes a lot of preparation, planning ahead and strategy to be successful. As in life, most things worth doing are challenging.

I'm here for your success. Ask plenty of questions, take a look at the nutrition page, and give it a shot. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?