Benchmark lifts Caught on tape

I know some of you had some PR's that I missed on tape, here are some I happened to catch. Please note, Tate's form on deadlift is NOT recommended or condoned (2nd lift in). Also the end of the video shows Derek with a 275# Split Jerk, notice his hips and feet work under the bar - soo fast, you will then see his 600# prowler push.

Noteworthy PR's so far - 

John improved his Baseline ladder from 21:53 - 13:50 (in 3 weeks!)
Amber Deadlift PR 185, Back Squat PR 145
Hanna Shoulder Pressed 55 #, she had a tough time push pressing 35#s just a couple months ago
Joe Shoulder Press 210 (that's 10 more #s than I can Jerk), 425 DL
Shane - DL PR 455
Tamara - DL Pr 220
Billy 410 - DL PR
Tate 445 DL PR
Chris - 315 DL - (First time since coming to CFForest with proper technique)

If I'm missing someone's PR PLEASE Let us know! Keep it up guys, 3 big ones coming up. Tomorrow is Helen, Thursday is THE Classic CrossFit workout - FRAN! Saturday Filthy Fifty!!