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Joe Garcia

CrossFit Stats

Fran: 3:16
Cindy: 23 Rnds
Lynne: 214 @185lbs
300: 14:28
Whitten: 47:04
Colin: 37:25
Blake: 28:10
DT: 15:28
5K Row: 19:15
1K Row: 3:26
500M Row: 1:31  
Back Squat 405
Shoulder Press 210
Deadlift 425
Front Squat 280
Bench Press 330
OHS 195


Age: 36  Height: 5'8  Weight: 200
Affiliate: CrossFit Forest, Lake Forest, CA

After a few years of a mediocre career in MMA and Jiu Jitsu I was looking for a new training program to ramp up my conditioning. I have been a Strength and Conditioning coach in Southern California for the last 10 years and was familiar with CrossFit but never had an interest in trying it out. I was so comfortable with my 5x5 for the Oly/Power lifts, 3x10 for everything else mixed in with some short sprints and longer runs for "cardio." That all changed in November 2010! After my first WOD (DT) at CrossFit Mission Viejo (now CrossFit Forest) I was HOOKED, my wife soon followed, and we quickly became immersed in EVERYTHING CrossFit! I dug it all, from the mental fight during every WOD to the Paleo diet, to what I think is the the most important aspect, the community! I also love the fact that the WODs are constantly varied and prepared you for the Unknown and the Unknowable.
In the coming year I plan on competing in every competition that I hear of. Local Box Throwdowns, Invitationals and of course Sectionals/Regionals/Games I plan on being there. What can I say, I'm a fighter!