"I could never do CrossFit"

How many people have you told that you do CrossFit and their immediate reaction is, "I could never do CrossFit." Ok, how many of you have I told "you should register for the Games" and you say "I could never do the CrossFit Games." It's the same thing, as Crossfitters we don't shy away from things that look tough or challenging. Have some fun with this. Create a benchmark for next year. Everyone starts somewhere, the point is to get started. Register and DO MORE!!!

March 18, 2011

Video Article

A little over a year ago, Maura Brown entered Jason Khalipa’s affiliate, CrossFit Santa Clara, weighing 260 lb. She couldn’t do a single air squat, or hang from the pull-up bar. Since then, Maura has lost over 100 lb. and completely transformed herself.

“You watch over the past year just the transformation as an individual from someone who wasn’t as comfortable to now comfortable, happy, proud, strong,” Khalipa says.

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