Fittest of the Forest

Ok folks Fittest of the Forest is around the corner. Our challenge is going to be results based.

Duration: June 20th - Aug 24th

We will be taking results from 3 different areas, each making up a third of the total score. This will be a contest of percent of personal improvement.
1. Body Fat % decrease X5
2. Benchmark WOD 1, which will have a strength bias 
3. Benchmark Wod 2, which will have a cardio vascular/body weight bias.

You won't know the workout until we do them again in August, the week of Aug 22nd. 

Again this is a percent of personal improvement, not absolute improvement. 

For example 

Let say at the beginning of the competition you can bench press 100#, at the end of the competition you can bench press 125#, that would be a 25% improvement, or here's the math i will use (125-100)/100 = 25% or (new-original)/original = %change. Percentage formulas always mess me up so if i'm calling it one thing but it really means another, we're just going with the formul of  (New Data-Original Data)/Original Data. 

Let's say benchmark workout #2 is a 5K run. original time 30 min. New time is 25 min. 25-30/30= -16.7% or a decrease of 16.7% or said another way a 16.7% improvement

Body Fat % X5
Original 50%, New 40% = (40-50)/50= 20% change

Sum from the 3 benchmarks above -> 25+16.7+20x5 = 141.7 would be the total score. The person with the highest score wins!

For those choosing not to go the body fat dunk tank route (which is totally understandable) we may need to create a separate category given the scale in the bathroom is not likely going to give an accurate measurement. We'll just see how this plays out. We will have a Female and a Male winner, an overall winner, a spirit of the challenge winner. Certainly the winners will receive a free shirt. I haven't quite decided on other prizes. I also encourage you to setup your own side bets :0). I'm curious how many people would be interested in throwing in some real money here. If you are, post to comments up to how much you would be willing to throw down. Depending on amount we could have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. 

Again, Fitness Wave will be here on Monday June 20th to provide Body Fat testing via their dunk tank.Flyer here 

Be sure to sign up on the board for a time slot to get dunked.