Rest or Make-up day

Today is a Rest or Make-up day. This is your chance to make-up your Benchmark Wods and/or get that body fat % number to me. Please note the bathroom scale is not accurate, but does give a measurement to base off for the test. I think it said Emon had like 25% body fat which is at least 15% too high. But when we test him again at the end of this we will still be able to do the math to get his improvement.

Also, don't forget to post a review in Google, yelp, yahoo, four square..etc to get your free shirt. Just go to that search engine or service, find us, click on reviews and you should be able to provide your review.

We will be having a 4th of July hero wod on Monday. WOD time is 9am. We'll probably hang out and have another wod at 10am if you are interested. Saturday WOD time is still the standard 830am and 10am. Saturday's looks to be pretty fun!