Paleo Reality Challenge -- Beat the Holiday Madness

Paleo Reality Challenge -- OPEN TO ANYONE - Friends, Family, co-workers

Many of you are thinking, how am I going to be healthy through the holidays? You're saying your mom makes the best fudge. We get it...Well we are going to try our first ever "Paleo Reality Challenge." It will be a continuation of our point system through December 31st at midnight. Our hope is to further set in motion positive/healthy eating habits that can last you a lifetime and still enjoy all that life has to offer with food and celebration. 

$10 cash buy-in, 70% split amongst 1st place, 20% split amongst 2nd Place, 10% goes to 3rd place

Standard Points 5 points available per day
1 point per clean meal Max 3 points per day
1 point per workout, max 5 points per week
1 point for sleeping 8 hours, 7:30 is ok, 7:29 is not

Reality Fun Points

5x 6oz glasses of wine ok per week
5x 2 oz of booze ok per week
Sweet Potato fries at a restaurant are ok
Dark Chocolate > or = to 72% ok

3 gluten free treat points per week. You can spread this over 3 meals or hit it hard one meal. Examples

  • nachos (corn tortilla chips), corn tortilla tacos, frozen yogurt (no gluten topping) = 3 treats, sorry no flour tortillas
  • steak asparagus, frozen yogurt = 1 treat
  • cheesy potatoes, salmon, 2 glasses of wine = 1 treat (if you still have 2 glasses left of your 5 glasses for the week)

Gluten of any kind is a negative point
Dairy is considered a treat
Beer is a negative point

Extra Credit or Make up
You can save up your treats and alcohol. Sort of like roll-over minutes. You can also do make up work by going clean a week after. The point is, if you know you have a holiday party coming then save up. Or if you know your mom is going to specially make you fudge then you can save it up. Uhhh anyone know if there is gluten in fudge? Which brings up a point, ignorance is not bliss. Just because you don't know it doesn't have gluten doesn't mean it is allowed. Do your homework and be honest.

Link to sign up:

If you have anything you think should be in the OK list, let me know and I'll consider it. Let me know if you have any questions.

This will start with sleep on Sunday night and food on Monday. Which means, you have from after your bodpod until sleep Sunday to stuff your face with anything in the no fly zone. Have that ice cold beer, the pizza, the cookies and any other delicious treat you've been craving. A word of caution though, if you have been very clean this 6 weeks, going nutso might just convince you never to eat garbage again. :0)