Psychological Response

Hi folks, it's Pete here, i decided to post something to zummo's nutrition blog:

I'm going to try and summarize something I recently read in the book "It Starts With Food" about the psychological response to food. Btw, I highly recommend reading this book. 

Did some of you find you weren't really craving anything too terribly bad yesterday? I know I did. Normally, I can't wait for chips and salsa, or cookie dough ice cream. Yesterday, I ate some bad food, more because I thought I should than because I craved it, which was NEW for me. 
Apparently, our brains are wired to eat sweet, fatty and Salty foods. sweet because that usually meant fruit or vegetables which contains lots of micronutrients. Fatty because that meant calorically dense and helps us with energy. Salty because it helps us retain liquid. When we eat these foods with nourishment behind them our brain knows when to stop. When we eat them without nourishment, we keep eating because our body is seeking the nourishment. 
For example, consider Oreos and a Ribeye Steak. At first the ribeye tastes amazing but by the 10th bite you're full, stick a fork in you so to speak. With the same number of calories eaten in Oreos, let's say the 10th oreo, you still want more oreos just the same as when you started. Because your body is seeking/expecting the nourishment.  
The crazy part is the psychological response doesn't end there. In order to survive our brain needs to like eating. So when we eat foods we like our brain releases dopamine and endorphins so that you actually become happy (which is why people reach for food when they are stressed, another topic). When we eat to become happy cravings come into play. It only takes a few days of eating something amazing to create the craving and the habit. 
So my advice to you all is to take advantage of removing the cravings for bad foods you had over the past 6 weeks. Don't feel guilty at all about yesterday if you went of the reservation, i know i did. Celebrate with family and friends with those treats when it happens on occasion. Be happy with the fact that you may have created a new lifestyle for yourself, where you are in control of the cravings for the right foods. 
I'm so proud of all of you. We still have a few people to test but the early math is our gym improved body composition 8%. Know that your approach to nutrition is in constant evolution. I've been tinkering with the Paleo Diet for 3.5 years and I am still seeing new insights in to food and how my body responds to food. Take advantage of the work you put in these past 6 weeks and continue to improve your life!