Great post today on the Outlaw Way about Leverage. Hint you will need this for Thursday...

"Many lifters take their leverage away when they snatch or clean by transferring their knees under the bar too soon and getting their shoulders behind the bar too fast. You can watch this happen on video by watching a lifter’s knees. If they have completed a good first pull (post on this to come), then the lifter’s body angles will look like the picture above. With the bar at the top of their knees, their shoulders should be well in front of the bar and their shins vertical. Anyone watching the lift can see from this point if they are using their leverage well. Watch their knees. If they push their knees under the bar IMMEDIATELY after the bar passes their knees then they are taking away their leverage. The torso that is supposed to be acting as their long “see-saw” arm is now not so long anymore and their leverage is gone."

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