Fittest of the Forest II - Begins April 4th

Let's get you leaned up for the summer! We will be having our annual Fittest of the Forest challenge, starting April 4th and ending May 30th. 

Fitness Wave will have their mobile body fat/water dunk tank (Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing) onsite April 4th. Sign up here. 


  • If you can't make it when they are here you can go to their location after April 4th. You must complete your second dunk before May 30th. Price for 2 dunks is $80
  • Winner is person with the best body composition improvement (change/original), Not the biggest number change. As in, someone with 50% body fat that loses 5% body fat will lose to the person that has 10% body fat and loses 2% body fat. 5/50 = 10% improvement, where as 2/10 = 20% improvement. 
  • There will be a 1 hour nutrition session at 7pm Thursday April 5th, to set you up for success (not mandatory)
  • Winner gets 1 Free Month of Membership, Bragging Rights, and the gift of needing to buy new clothes


Sign up here.