Deadlift then Nikki

20 Min to find 5 rep max deadlift
Nikki - 15 min of Nicole
15 min AMRAP
400m run
Max Reps Pull-ups without letting go of bar.

Score is total number of Pull-ups

Link to article on the Deadlift 

Staying Healthy on the Road

Traveling often and for long periods is often problematic for people trying to maintain optimal health and fitness.  If you rarely, if ever, travel for work, and only go out of town for the occasional long weekend and a one week vacation each year, this isn’t really for you.  Party like a rock star, enjoy new foods, workout if you feel like it, and enjoy your vacation.  Now, for those that travel every week, are platinum members with every frequent flier club out there, and have tried to enter the wrong hotel room because you’ve stayed in 4 different hotels in the last 4 days and can’t remember your current room numebr, listen up! here for rest of article or go to the blog Forest Nutrition By The Zummo's