Lil Sunday Reading

Big thanks goes out to Heath, Keegan and Skye for giving up their Sunday to put the Rings up!

Hello Forest Family,

First, I want to thank Heath for covering all of the classes last week while I was down for the count. Coaching all day everyday makes for a very long week. I'm sure I need to thank Martin and the other Coaches in Training for stepping up too. Thank you!

Second, don't forget we are adding a new evening class time and modifying the hours a bit. Morning classes stay the same. Evening schedule is 4, 5, 6 and 7pm (no regular class 7pm Friday). You will also notice that we are adding a "Fundamentals" class at 5 and 6pm Monday Thru Friday. Fundamentals is for those that are still working on the fundamental movements or just want a little extra coaching. This is the perfect class for all levels. 

Lastly, Memorial Day Murph is next Monday the 28th! We will have a potluck bbq after. All other classes Monday will be canceled. We'll gather here at 11 for the workout, then fire up the grills. We will provide the grass-fed burgers, we ask that you bring something to share, be it refreshment, guac, paleo brownies or whatever :0). Free for all, so bring your family (kids included) and friends. We will have a scaled version of the workout for all levels from the 3 year old Forest Cub to the 90 year old Grizzly Bear! Be sure to read up on Memorial Day Murph Here and then be sure to register and donate $35 which gets you an awesome shirt provided by Forged!