Run 10K

Run 10 k for time. 

Received a great email from Alan and thought I would share, thank you to all for helping Alan with his transformation.

"Pete, I just wanted to say thank you for the past year. Losing 80 ponds and 20 % BF is only part of it. I really believe that Crossfit has saved my life physically and mentally. I've become a better man, a better father and a better husband because of it. I got my fire back, and feel better inside and out. The community at CFF has empowered me or regain my life, and make it positive. In the past months Heath and Martin have made an impact more than they know. They have made a true and positive impact on my life in a short time, thank you. I look forward to 5:30 am and the WOD of the day more than a child looks forward to Christmas morning. My depression, and self loathing, are gone. I no longer feel sorry for myself. Something that you said to me before Murph rings in my head daily. "YOU GOT THIS". You didn't say it loud, but just said it. And it's stuck in my head, deep, but always at the front of my mind when I do anything.  Thank you doesn't seem enough. I know I am not lost in this forest any more....

I will be my best, Alan"

After that, i don't know how any of you can avoid the 10K!! Get your butts in here! (don't worry, some will run a 5k, some will run 20 min for time). Skip the other days when you feel it but never skip the run days. They don't come up that often. 

This video is long but worthwhile. Avoid bad running posture and save your shoulders for lifts.