Fittest of the Forest II - RESULTS ARE IN!!

Oh man do we have a result for you all!!!

Bob Hamilton had over 50% improvement at 50.4%!!! That is by far the best i have seen over a 2 month period. He went from 12.5% body fat to 6.2% body fat. Absolutely insane brother, way to go!!! When asked how he did it, he had this to say:

"I went pretty strict. My breakfasts were pretty much eggs and a couple of chicken and sage sausage links. Lunch was a grilled chicken/steak salad or salad from chipotle. Dinner was a lean protein and vegetables. The first two weeks i didn't cheat at all, and then after that, I basically gave myself 1 day a week to designate as a cheat day. I think a few times I ate pizza, and fried foods the other times. Never really cheated with sugary items as I don't have a big sweet tooth. I haven't really boozed at all during the challenge except during a cheat day, and even then i tried to make it red wine or like a vodka club."

Wow man, you are onto something. Congratulations, your free month of membership was well earned!

Some noteable results that any other time would have won the competition.

Danny Deal came in second with 17.95% improvement, Outstanding!

Martin had a 13.64% improvement, not quite sure how he go even more lean, incredible!

Alison actually beat her man Keegan with a 9.18% improvement! (recall Keegan's was in the 8.2%, again noteworthy). 

Way to go to all participants.  

As a reminder we are offering a Forest Nutrtion Class starting next Thursday at 8pm. The class lasts 4 weeks and meets every Thursday night at 8pm. The cost is $50 per person and $25 for direct family member add-on. Limited to 12 people, so far about 5 have committed. 

Details on the Class

  • Meets Every Thursday at 8pm for about 1.5 hours for 4 weeks
  • Food Logging every day for 2 weeks, with check-ins by instructors
  • Challenge for eating, sleeping and working out, winner receives some grass fed meat
  • Grocery store visit
  • Read and discuss 3 new chapters of the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
  • Discuss outside articles on health and wellness
  • Ends with Potluck BBQ at the Jones house

Sign up here for $50 individual. 

Sign up here if you are a $25 add on