HSPU and Row/Run

We would like to take the opportunity to announce a new addition to our Coaching Staff: Martin Pedreira. Over the past couple of months Martin has clocked some serious shadowing hours and has learned a ton. Martin was a competitive Soccer and Rugby player, reaching the top tier in Argentina for both sports. Upon moving to the US in 2011 he joined a local Rugby team for the camaraderie, which is one of the things he loves about CrossFit. A few months ago Martin, who was restless from sitting behind a desk working his finance job, decided to give it all up to pursue his passion for working out and teaching people how to move. We are excited to have him on the staff!

Strength: Handstand Push-up (HSPU) 4-6 sets of 2 short of max reps. Goal = 20-30 reps. Sub is Dumbbell press.

CrossFit: Row or Run 4-6 (Depending on ability) 400m with 2:00 Rest

Mobility: Calves, Couch Stretch