What a Incredible Day!

What an incredible day! 

On Saturday, Kevin, Keegan, Ryan, Issac, Aaron, Martin and Heath competed in the Legendary Competitor Series at Aliso Niguel high school. For all, it was an opportunity to test physical fitness, mental toughness, and endurance, but most of all, it showed us all how CrossFit truly brings out the best in people. The nature of competition drives us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and as a result, we saw fellow competitors (and ourselves) do things that day that they thought they could not do the day before. Like compete! Also, the CrossFit community and the culture of rooting each other on, brings out the best in everyone. Yesterday reminded us that no matter our level, looks, size, shape or skill, our community admires the effort put into every workout, not the outcome. We push each other toward the next unreachable goal. We are an intricate part of creating who our fellow athletes will become next and what they will ultimately achieve. We all pushed each other to be better yesterday and will be better tomorrow because of it.

Thanks to all of you that made it possible. 
Skye, for coaching the classes so that we could compete. 
Alan for volunteering and judging ALL day.
All of the athletes that were cheering us on in spirit.

A special thanks to all of the athletes below that took a Saturday to come down and make ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE TO EVERYONE COMPETEING!!! We would not have done what we did without you.

Julie Brooks
Darrin Makowski
Mary Schnurer
Emily Browning
Nicole Browning
Skye Epperson
Marcus Epperson
Joyce Bayne
Chad Boyer
Julie Boyer
Paul Maglalang
Maria Pedreira
Sebastian Pedreira 
Emily Corrona 
And her Paleo Friend!
CC Zamora
Robert Zamora
Allison Conrey
Allison O'Leary
Ashley Deal
Danny Deal
Addison Deal
Tanner Deal
Jack Grey
Alan Dawley
Mike Lewis

Athletes unofficial standings!
Level 1
Martin 21

Level 2
Kevin 15 (first comp)
Keegan 20 (second comp)
Ryan 25 (first comp)
Isaac 64 (time is wrong and will move WAY UP!!) (first comp)
Heath 57 (Old man bracket!)
Aaron Corrona 72 (first comp)

Author’s Note: For anyone who was inspired to compete this weekend and has not signed up for the Mission Invitational, there are still spots left!!

Be your best,
CrossFit Forest