WOD Posting and Tracking

Hey CFFers!

We are in week 2 of the Paleo Challenge and I hope your first weekend was a cheat free weekend?! The amount of participation has been incredible and we look forward to seeing what the future weeks bring us.

Posting WODs are done on our Beyond The Whiteboard page. All of our WODs will be posted there the night before at 5pm. The choice is yours whether you decide to pick and choose which WODs you like and participate in. Just remember, getting better involves doing things you do not like. Running is a BIG one for people! Imagine if we skip every WOD, with a skill that you were not good. I know that I never would have made it to my first WOD. Sometimes its hard to see how far we have come because we do so many different things, have other lives outside of CF(I don't know why!), are always looking at conquering the next or are just plain NEVER HAPPY with what we've got. BUT, by tracking your WODs and looking at similar ones or even the last time we did one coming up tomorrow, everything will change for you. You will now have a goal to work towards with every WOD. Always trying to pick up 1 more pound or finish 1 second faster. It works, just try it.

If anyone needs help with Beyond the Whiteboard just ask me or any of the coaches at class. If you need to get on it just email one of us. Pete pays for this service for you, it must be worth something.

PS. Use the weigh-in to post before and after body fat. You will be glad you did!