Nutrition Class Successes!

We had some great improvement from our most recent Nutrition Class. The tests were done using our Bodpod on 8/20/13 and then again on 10/1/13. The class read the book "It Starts With Food" and did a Whole30 program. 

Ed Yankowski had a 11.7% improvement in Body Fat! He lost 13 lbs of body weight but what was significant is that he lost 17 lbs of fat, while gaining 4 lbs of muscle. 

Helen had a 6% improvement in Body Fat! For a Master's age group athlete this is significant. She added 2.5 lbs of Muscle!

Mauricio had a 13.8% improvement in Body Fat! He lost 9.2 lbs of FAT!

Vijay, our first vegetarian giving the whole30 veggie version a try, had a 9.1% improvement in Body Fat! This while going on vacation for a week in Hawaii.