Our Forest Legendary Competitors

Gigantic, HUGE THANK YOU to Steve Graham for helping stain and put up the wood panels. It took us 4 days and 3 trips to Home Depot!

In case you weren't already aware we have a big group of Forest Legendary Competitors throwing themselves into the arena this Saturday. Come on out to show your support. Wear your blue CFF shirts/tanks (they are $10 for anyone going).

Heat assignment and approximate GO times (be sure to let me know if I am missing anyone):

Tabitha Zinn - Heat 2 Div III times 8:08, 12:09, floater wod time by choice
Ann Richardson - Heat 3 Div III 8:16, 12:18, floater wod time by choice
Jen Brouwers - Heat 5 Div III 8:32, 12:36, floater
Christine Clary - Heat 5 Div III 8:32, 12:36, floater
Donna Bailey - Heat 6 Div III 8:40, 12:45, floater
Skye Epperson - Heat 8 Div II 8:56, 1:03, floater

Andy Engel - Heat 10 Masters (40-52) Div 9:30, 1:21, floater
Mario Pedreira - Heat 10 Masters (40-52) Div 9:30, 1:21, floater
David Mayhew - Heat 11 Masters (40-52) Div 9:38, 1:30, floater
Ryan Clary - Heat 13 Div III 9:54, 1:48, floater
Alan Dawley - Heat 13 Div III 9:54, 1:48, floater
Robert Fitt - Heat 13 Div III 9:45, 1:48, floater
Steve Graham - Heat 14 Div III 10:02, 1:57, floater
Sebas Pedreira - Heat 16 Div III 10:18, 2:06, floater
Alex Lutwak - Heat 21 Div II 10:50, 2:51, floater

Huge thank you to those giving up their Saturday to Judge:

Ian Richardson
Ryan Seeds
Joyce Bane
Dale Prouty
Sandy Jones
(anyone else?) 

We will have an athlete area, bring chairs/lounge blankets. 


After the event Steve Graham has opened his house for a celebration party. He is providing some meat, feel free to bring a side dish to share. Be sure to RSVP at the event posted on Facebook. Bring your bathing suits for the pool and hot tub! All CFF athletes and their families are invited. 

Saturday at 6:30pm

25581 Orchard Rim Lane

Venue information

American Sports Center

1500 S. Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, California 92805

Parking -

  • There is plenty of parking.  General Parking is $5 in the main lot (highlighted in photo) located off of Claudina Way.  Enter the lot on Claudina Way.  You may drive all the way through the lot and park closest to Anaheim Blvd exit.  
  • Preferred parking is $10 directly behind venue. Enter off of Anaheim Blvd.
  • From there it is a short walk to American Sports Center (ASC).
  • Athletes may drop of gear in front of ASC but must immediately unload then park car in the lot.  
  • These are the venues rules and they will be strictly enforced by the ASC staff.  


 More details at http://www.legendarycompetitor.com/events/nli-battleground-series-ii#Jump_To_Schedule_for_Day_and_Heat_Schedule