Final Build out of Showers and Yoga/Pilates/Multipurpose Room

We are getting closer to what we need done to finish the build out of our showers, yoga/pilates/multipurpose room. Is there anyone out there that can help finish this!? 

  • Create new plans based on below "Build out of Showers Idea 3 flat" (if you have a better more economical way to create a big multipurpose room, and add about 4 showers i'm all ears). In the attached you will find the current layout (page 1), and my idea for build out (page 2). 
  • Submit amended plans for permit
  • Demo and build showers (I can see this to be a place where we will need to make some cost decisions. As in, do we use pre made basins/showers from home depot, or do we go tile). 
  • Sound proof multipurpose space
  • Wood Flooring of yoga space (Use Brian Riley for this)
  • Paint Parking Lot Lines for 4 more stalls
  • Finish accessible parking to code

Below are the original plans submitted to the city for approval, which have been approved except for resubmitting the original plumbing and mechanical drawings (for some reason these were left off of the corrections submission by the original architect).

If interested in submitting a bid, email or call 714.448.3006