Thank you for making the Holiday party a success!


CrossFit Games Open 11.2

AMRAP in 15 mins:

9 Deadlifts

12 Push-ups

15 Box Jumps

Level 1: Today is a Review Day, you don't want to miss this!

Air Squat 1 Rep

Front Squat 1 Rep

Back Squat 1

Overhead Squat 1 Rep

Shoulder Press 1 Rep

Push Press 1 rep

Split Jerk 1 rep

Push Jerk 1 rep

Deadlift 1 rep

Sumo Deadlift High-pull 1 rep

High Hang Clean 1 rep

Hang Power Clean 1 rep

Power Clean 1 rep

Hang Clean 1 rep

Clean 1 rep

Burgener Warm Up 1 rep

The 12 days of CrossFit and the Holiday party went off with out a hitch. We grunted, sweated, and lifted our way through the 12 days. Thank you to everyone for joining us after at the Holiday party. This party and the effort of the past 12 days makes it obvious that as the Forest family we can conquer anything.