3 RFT: Wall Balls and 600 m
3 rounds for time of:
50 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
Run, 600 m
The season is getting late into December and as the temperatures are dropping so is our immune system. I recently found this article on immune boosting foods. Some that I agree with and some that don't work for me. Take a look and decide what works best for your. 
My secret personal cold remedies (I haven't been sick in over two years):
1 liter of water an hour if I have a scratch in my throat. Yes, you will pee every hour but it is better than being in bed for three days 
Brocolli water. Grab a head of organic brocoli from the store. Boil it in enough water to cover the pieces then down the boiled broth. If you are feeling congestated this rocks!
Kobucha a day keeps the doctor away. Sickness starts in your belly, therefore these probiotics push it right out. 
Jalepenos and Garlic. These are natural anti-inflammitories so cooking your proteins with these are great preventive measures. If the cold has set in these helps breaks down any of the inflammation your body is going through when fighting off the cold. 
Stay healthy, Forest Family.