GrassFed Beef

The folks we have been buying are meat from have been hit with a price increase from their butcher. I guess the butcher in the Central Coast has a bit of a monopoly going to provide USDA approved butchering. Here are the prices:

Half Cow: $9/lb. Roughly 230lbs = 2070
1/4 Cow: $9.50/lb Roughly 115lbs = 1092.50
1/8 Cow: 10.10/lb Roughly 60lbs = 606

They currently have 2 animals ready for us at these new prices. I need to know ASAP if any of you are interested, otherwise they will go to the next customer.

We do have another option however, which will allow you to buy just the parts of the cow you really want and with less buy-in, freezer space. They will deliver 1 to 2 times a month depending on our Volume. I have attached a flyer here, which details the pricing and FAQs. Their prices are also going up anywhere from .50 to 1.00, due out soon. The way we save money over Whole Foods is by doing the butchering ourselves. Here are the videos on the slab of meat you get and how to cut them.

Here are the videos:


Top Sirloin Primal - How to cut steaks or make a roast from Andrew Roda on Vimeo.

Estancia Beef: How to Cut a Tenderloin Primal from Andrew Roda on Vimeo.

Estancia Beef: How to cut a NY Strip Primal from Andrew Roda on Vimeo.