CrossFit Prep - Skill Development or Add'n Strength Day

The other day I made post on our Conditioning Class. Today, I would like to invite all members to the CrossFit Prep class.  This class is not just for beginners. Prep is designed to be a skill day. It is an oppotunity to get a little more focused small group training on a skill you would like to improve upon without paying for a personal training session. It is also an opportunity to mix in a strength day as you will be allowed to increase the load for the sets while others are working on technique. Lastly, your unlimited membership allows you to go to one of our CrossFit Classes then go to a Prep class, in the same day! We rotate 4 days. 

Day A Squats: Front, Back (high bar and low bar), Overhead Squat 
Day B Deadlift
Day C Presses: Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split jerk)
Day D "O" lifts, short for Olympic lifts: Snatch and Clean 

CrossFit Prep is offered on the other days from Conditioning, so Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can see the Prep workout of the day by going to our beyond the whiteboard page and select Conditioning/Prep from the pull down menu. First go to our website Then select "Workout of the Day (click here)" here is a screen shot:

Then Select Conditioning/Prep from the pull down menu to view that days Conditioning or Prep workout. Screen shot:

This is also a plug for our Beyond The Whiteboard System. This is a personal logging/tracking system for you. CrossFit Forest offers this service to all of our members free of charge. Please email me for an invitation to this service. Be sure to send me the email address you wish to use for your account. I can't tell you how many people wish they started logging their workouts from day 1.