13.2 Standings

After 13.2, we still have some athletes in contention! Here are the current rankings by Southern Ca. 

Individual Men
Martin Pedreira 52! (moved up about 30 spots)

Women Master's 40-44
Alana McGolrick - 48

Master's Men 45-49
Jerry Canada 3rd! (31st Worldwide!)

Master's Men 50-54
Bobby Jacoby 40th

Master's Women 50-54
Joyce Bane 15th! 
Traci White 26th!
Donna Baily 41st! 

Master's Men 55-58
Dale Prouty 33rd! 

Here are the current standings Filtered by CrossFit Forest, i'm so proud of all those that registered and got in the arena! Can't wait for 13.3 to be announced!