Announcing CrossFit Forest Games Season 2 Starts Friday April 26th

Help me welcome Kris, Betty, Stephanie, Karen, Jennifer, Michelle, Betsy, Andy, Cesar and Cami to the Forest Family. They all gave up their Saturday to attend our Training Day and to learn as much as possible about CrossFit. 

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that The CrossFit Forest Games Season 2 will start on Friday April 26th and will run through Sunday, Cinco De Mayo. On Cinco De Mayo we will be having a party to celebrate our progress! If you recall we will be doing the same benchmark workouts every 4 months. We will be giving a shirt to the top 5 finishers in each category, with "Top 5" written on the back (yes, i still owe shirts to last season, does anyone want to create the design?). We will scale all workouts into 4 different categories. Rx'd, Competition, Performance and Fitness. Whichever lowest category you use to complete a workout is the category you will be classified in. Choose your category wisely, choose your rest days wisely. Here is a Link to your previous results. 

Here is the schedule

Friday 26th
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
Competition: 115/85, Performance 95/65, Fitness 65/35

Saturday 27th

CrossFit Total - find your 1 rep max of:
Back Squat
Shoulder Press

Sunday 28th - Rest Day or Make up day

Monday 29th
Thrusters 95/65
Competition 80/55, with coach approved appropriate Band (or none at all). Performance 65/45, with coach approved appropriate band. Fitness 45/25, with coach approved appropriate band. 

Tuesday 30th
Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push-ups
Competition: 185/135, Green Band/Blue Band assisted HSPU. Performance: 135/105, Green Band/Green Band Assisted hspu or DB Push Press with ~40% of body weight. Fitness 75/45, DB Push Press with ~30% body weight.  

Wednesday May 1st
5 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Balls
Competition: 25 reps. Performance: 20 inch/16in, 14/10lb 20 reps. Fitness 16in/12in, 10/6lb, 15 reps. 

Thursday - Rest and Recover or Make-up

Friday - CrossFit Total II
Find Your 1 Rep Max
Bench Press
Overhead Squat
Clean is from the ground, power or squat.

Saturday - Forest Gone Bad
Timing like Fight Gone Bad. 3 Rounds, 1 minute per station, 

Rx'd and Competition
Rope Climb 10 reps / climb
Double Unders
Ab Mat Situps
Prowler Push 1 rep / 1 meter 250/210 (push it any way)
Row 1 rep/calorie

Ground To Stand 2 reps/ climb
Singles 1/2 rep per single
Ab-mat situps
Prowler Push 1 rep / 1 meter 210/160
Row 1 rep/calorie

Same as Performance
Prowler 160/120

Sunday - Rest and Recover or Make-up, Come in and Party after class from 11 on! You may also come in before the 10am class for a bodpod test. Tests are $15 on Sunday, $30 any other time. Schedule an appointment with