Forest Games 2.1 - Grace

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!


30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
Masters Men and Women 55 years old and up: 95/55
Competition: 115/85
Performance: 95/65
Fitness 65/35

RULE UPDATE: We want to encourage you to do your best in all workouts. If you can do something Rx'd, you should and we will reward that. Let's say you are Performance level in one workout but do Rx'd in another, for the workout you did Rx we will rank you at the top of the list of the Performance level.

Scoring: You will receive a point for your rank per workout, we then add all points up at the end. The person with the lowest points wins. Example - if you place 1st in all 7 workouts you will receive a total score of 7. If you miss a workout out you will receive a last place score. 

Now, there must be an excel expert or two out there that can write an If>Then>Else statement or something to make scoring this easier.