Forest Games Update

Forest Games Update -

Results So Far (we are still working out a couple kinks, as in scoring for not doing the workout yet), make sure the data is accurate. men.pdf and women.pdf

We have decided to break out the categories into men and women. We will be awarding a winner T-shirt for the top 3 men and women in each category. We will also be awarding a "Spirit of the Games" award.

We have decided to replace Kelley with Helen and do Helen Monday and Fran on Friday.

Here is the new schedule:


3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Kb Swings 1.5/1
12 Pull-ups

Competition Level: Coach approved appropriate band pull-ups ok
Masters 55+: Coach approved appropriate band or ring rows
Performance: 1/.75 pood, coach approved appropriate band or ring rows
Fitness: .75/.5 pood, coach approved appropriate band or ring rows

CrossFit Total II
Find Your 1 Rep Max
Bench Press
Overhead Squat
Clean is from the ground, power or squat.

Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push-ups
Competition: 185/135, Green Band/Blue Band assisted HSPU. Performance: 135/105, Green Band/Green Band Assisted hspu or DB Push Press with ~40% of body weight. Fitness 75/45, DB Push Press with ~30% body weight. 

Thursday - Rest or Make-up Day

Thrusters 95/65
Competition 80/55, with coach approved appropriate Band (or none at all). Performance 65/45, with coach approved appropriate band. Fitness 45/25, with coach approved appropriate band.


Forest Gone Bad
Timing like Fight Gone Bad. 3 Rounds, 1 minute per station, 

Rx'd and Competition
Rope Climb 10 reps / climb
Double Unders
Ab Mat Situps
Prowler Push 1 rep / 1 meter 250/210 (push it any way)
Row 1 rep/calorie

Ground To Stand 2 reps/ climb
Singles 1/2 rep per single
Ab-mat situps
Prowler Push 1 rep / 1 meter 210/160
Row 1 rep/calorie

Same as Performance
Prowler 160/120

Sunday - Rest and Recover or Make-up, Come in and Party after class from 11 on! You may also come in before the 10am class for a bodpod test. Tests are $15 on Sunday, $30 any other time. Schedule an appointment with