Paul's 2 Year Mark

Paul, my man, this email brought a tear to my eye. It has been one of my greatest joys in life watching you transform yourself. Thank you for the great email today. I hope you don't mind my sharing...

Hey Pete,

Two years ago, on a Saturday afternoon after having sushi for lunch I drove up and parked to see if I could see inside this gym a couple miles from home. At the time, I can't honestly say "luckily you were there". I asked questions but as I've heard you tell others before, just give it a try so then for the next hour I went struggled through movements, simple movements. I had to anchor my feet on an object for sit-ups, I could barely row and there was no way I could do a pull-up nor have I ever done one in my entire life. As many people have said about their first CrossFit experience, I was wrecked. I drove off but had to stop in the parking lot to dry heave. I got home and knocked out for three hours. I came back a few days later and went two days a week for a month or so. I used to dread going and I'd barely eat that whole day to avoid throwing up at our 4pm class. I'd take a nap during lunch or right before but they were always a nervous kind of nap. In a couple of months people started noticing the weight loss and I did feel better. Months passed and I finally started going more times a week. I was having more fun, seeing results, feeling better and I was no longer scared or dreading the fact that it was a gym day. Rest days became more dreaded.
I could go on and on for days and when I speak to you and others at the gym, I will want to so they can see how much this has changed my life. Needless to say, I'm a new person. I think better, act more wisely, have a better outlook and physically better than I've ever been. Last week when I completed Grace in a time I never thought I'd do and prescribed you said "you're back!". Man, I've never been HERE! It's new every day and you, the other coaches and the people at CrossFit Forest push me to get to that place every day. I'll stop for now. Here are the two photos, exactly two years apart. I didn't think I'd write much in this email but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am.
Best regards,